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Power Cables

Power cables with copper conductor used in local network or in indoor applications are produced in accordance with international standards and customer specifications. Power cables are produced in different constructions for different applications listed below according to the specifications.

Acccording to Operating Conditions

* Heavy Duty Operation Cables
* Normal and Light Duty Operation Cables

Acccording to Installation Type

* Fixed Installation Cables
* Mobile Installation Cables

Acccording to Installation Type

* Aerial Cables
* Underground Cables

Acccording to Usage Purpose

* Installation Cables (V < 0.6 kV )
* Low Voltage Cables ( 0.6/1 kV )
* High Voltage Cables ( V > 36 kV )

Acccording to Conductor Type

* Copper Conductor Cables
* Aluminium Voltage Cables

Acccording to Insulation Type

* Thermoplastic Insulated Cables
* Thermoset Insulated Cables

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