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Copper Rod

1 -  Anode Casting Unit
2 -  Electrolysis Unit
3 -  Rod & Wire Drawing Unit


Anode is produced from blister copper or scrap copper which is melted in 2 rotary furnaces each having the capacity of 30 tons/day. The production capacity of anode casting unit is about 30.000 tons/year. Weight of each anode copper produced is about 300-350 kg. The impurities are checked during the melting process so that the quality of anode copper is obtained as required. The samples taken from the anodes are tested and the production is arranged in accordance.


Copper anodes are refined and the impurities are eliminated in electrolysing process and cathode copper with 99.99 % purity is produced. Average weight of each cathode is between 100 – 125 kg and the production capacity is 24.000 tons/year.


The production is made in 6 induction furnaces each having power of 150 kW and working in accordance with Outokumpu system. Cathode coming from electrolysis unit is supplied into the induction furnaces and melted at a temperature of 1150 – 1200 °C. Melted copper is cooled by water and drawn into the copper rod of 13 mm diameter, then is drawn to 8 mm diameter copper rod that will be used in cable production. Production capacity of this unit is around 22.000 tons/year for 8 mm diameter copper rod.   

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