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HES energy cables used in local cable networks and building electrical installations in many countries of the world are professional solutions that provide uninterrupted power to the emerging superstructures with their transmission capacities, reliability and performance.

HES Energy Cables, which are produced in accordance with international standards with the latest technology and methods in integrated facilities, can also be manufactured specially according to the place of use and customer demands. HES Cable produces all kinds of copper and aluminum conductive energy cables as well as aluminum conductors and special cables for overhead lines in power cables production facilities. In the production of energy cables, copper or aluminum film abrasives coming from the rod production department are made suitable for customer request by being subjected to wire pulling, insulation, bending, armor and sheath processes with the use of other necessary materials.

HES Energy Cables are packaged and presented to the customer after being tested with modern test devices under expert team control in private laboratories at every stage of production and during final controls.