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Career Opportunities

HES Cable, we sincerely believe that our success depends on our most valuable resource, so to say, our employees. In this context, we develop our human resources processes to find and employ the most talented personnel carrying our mission, vision and principles.

We evaluate candidates applying for available positions in accordance to the below process throughout the recruitment process.

Resume Evaluation
Principle Based Interview
Testing and Inventory
Testing and
Job Offer

Applicants’ resumes are put through an initial evaluation based on predetermined qualification set and job description.

Based on our set of 9 principles (Assure, Win Over Hearts, Produce Results, Be the Best, Understand the Customer, Seize the Future, Add Meaning, Guide and Empower), our HR team in conjunction with the relevant department’s managers, conduct principle-based interviews with suitable candidates.

  • General Talent Test
  • Job Fit + Persona Inventory or LEIT Leadership Emotional Intelligence Inventory
  • Foreign Language Tests or
  • We apply one or more of the evaluation tools consisting of the Evaluation Center Application according to the requirements of the position.

The job is offered to the candidate found suitable for the position. The recruitment process is completed once the candidate who accepts the offer starts work.

To be a part of HES Cable, you may access and apply for available positions by clicking the Job Opportunities link below.

Career Opportunities