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Aluminum Production Facility

Aluminum, which is one of the most preferred raw materials in cable and conductor production and evaluated in copper production, is manufactured in HES Cable's new facilities established in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone. Production of aluminum bars in HES Cable facilities ensures that the quality in aluminum is completely under control as in copper and depends on the least possible external factor.

Production carried out by experts in the field with professional equipment is in the form of continuous casting of ingot aluminums into bars. These manufactured aluminum bars offer quality and durability in cables and overhead conductors with their high mechanical properties and electrical performances.

Product : Aluminum Film Ash
Diameter : 9.5±0.5 and 12±0.5 mm


Aluminum bars produced as a result of continuous casting of ingots and produced by HES Cable facilities in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone are wrapped in the form of large hooks and connected with plastic bands and delivered to our customers on wooden pallets.

Weight: 2000 kg ± 10%