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Enamelled Wire Production Facility

HES enamelled wires, which are evaluated in many areas of the industry from electric motors to transformers and white goods, from automotive to electronic industry, are produced in different features and sections by undergoing the necessary processes according to their usage area.

Enamelled wires, which can be produced in line with special customer requests, are quality and useful equipment produced according to TS, DIN and IEC standards. HES Cable carries out the control of the products with special tests at every stage of production in order to protect the quality line it offers in enamel coil wires produced with modern machines in the production facility. HES enamelled wires are properly packaged and presented to customers after their final inspection.

As HES, which produces enamel coil wires with highly professional methods, which have a wide use area in many different fields, we continue our production without slowing down and provide raw materials to the sector.