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Reel Production Plant

Wooden cable delivery rollers for communication cables, fiber optic cables and energy cables and wooden packaging materials such as pallets and crates for enamel coil wire are produced in accordance with the standards set in our facilities. ISPM-15 standard for thermal treatment and marking of wood packaging materials used in international circulation is also fulfilled in the facility.

The red pine and larch logs taken are evaluated in the production of cable delivery reels from 70 cm diameter to 300 cm diameter and other wood packaging materials by passing through various production stages in our facility. An average of 22,000 m³ of logs are processed annually and we manufacture many materials such as crates and pallets in order to benefit the sector in our facility where 45,000 cable delivery reels are produced.

In our reel production facility, where we produce reels and pallets that help the cables and coils to be shipped more regularly, experts in the field continue their operations with professional equipment without slowing down.