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Copper Production Facility

HES Cable, which produces copper conductors, which is the most basic material of cable production, in its own facilities, melts the raw copper taken as ingots in anode casting furnaces and turns it into anode for use in refining process. Hes Cable converts anode copper to cathode copper with a minimum purity of 99.99% by electrical and chemical methods in the electrolysis section. Electrolytically purified copper is converted into 8 mm cinematographic ash in shooting machines. Pure aluminums taken as ingots are melted and cast and turned into 9.5 mm film ash for use in cable and conductor production.

The copper production facility consists of 3 main sections.


In the anode casting unit; there are 2 Thomas refining furnaces, each with 30 tons/charge capacity, rotating and overturning, which are subjected to fire refining of blister and scrap copper and whose annual production capacity is approximately 45,000 tons. The weight of the produced anodes ranges from 300 to 350 kg. During the refining process, external elements (impurities) in copper are checked by performing the necessary quality control tests. Necessary interventions are made according to the quality control results and copper quality is always kept at a high level.


The unit in which electrolytic cathode copper with a minimum purity of 99.99% is obtained by eliminating the impurities (non-copper elements) in anode copper by electrolysis process has an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of electrolytic cathode copper. The average weight of the cathodes produced ranges from 70 to 100 kg.


The unit produced with the Finnish Outokumpu system has 3 950 kw induction furnaces. The cathodes coming from the electrolysis unit are melted by feeding into induction furnaces at 1150 - 1200 C with the help of computer-controlled robot cranes. Liquid copper drawn by gravity is cooled with water and wrapped in coil maniacs in 20, 13 and 8 mm diameter bars. The produced rods are crushed with Bühler system and the 8 mm diameter film is converted into copper and sent to the wire shooting unit. The wire drawing unit has an annual capacity of 42,000 tons in the production of 8 mm diameter film acids.