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CPR's Returns

It is very important for the safety of our buildings that the cables used in our structures, their behavior during the fire, do not transmit the fire from one point to another.

Taking into account such factors, all cables used in our buildings are included in the Construction Materials Regulation (CPR) and it is mandatory to classify the cables according to their fire response performance.

The classification of the reaction to fire is determined by measuring the flame spread, the amount of heat and carbon dioxide released and smoke production.

It is possible to classify the cables in the same family group to cover the entire cable family by performing at least 2 tests.

Both the manufacturer and the notified bodies have responsibilities in implementing the CE marking.

At the end of processes such as production place control, sampling and testing, manufacturers will issue a performance declaration and add CE marking to their products.

Our company's products are certified under CPR for 38 Type Cable System 1+ and 102 Type Cable System 3. HES Cable continues to work on CPR.

using the http://www.hes.com.tr/hes-4-116-quality-sistemi-cpr-performans-beyanaari-dop.html link; You can download our performance statement in English and Turkish for the type of cable and section you want by clicking the Search performance statement tab.