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EN 50575 Standard

Purpose of Preparation of EN 50575 Standard

It is to demonstrate the fire response performance and test methods to be provided by the cables within the scope of the standard such as power, control and communication cables used in general applications in construction works and subject to fire response conditions, and to limit the formation and spread of fire and smoke.
Construction works: It describes all construction works to include both building and other civil engineering works.
Construction material: It describes all materials or tool materials whose performance affects the performance of the building works in relation to the basic requirements, which are manufactured and placed on the market for permanent use in all kinds of construction works or in any part of these works.
That is, the EN 50575 standard covers all cables manufactured for permanent use in construction and other engineering works.

EN 50575 Standard and CE Marking

The EN 50575 standard does not contain information about the electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements of the cables but does not INVALIDATE other standards related to them, it is only related to the determination of the fire response class of the cables.
It is MANDATORY to carry out CE labeling and CE labeling on the cables falling within the scope of this standard.
Standard EN 50575 is covered by the Building Materials Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 and the mandatory CE marking.