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With our reputation, reliability and quality awareness, as HES KABLO A.Ş.., we aimed
we aimed to be the "world's leading brand", to act in accordance with legal requirements with Integrated Management Systems, to provide the most appropriate solutions to the expectations and needs of our customers, to deal with customer complaints effectively and to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.
For these purposes, we undertake

Identfing risk elements and opportunities that may affect the achievement of our organization's context, goals and objectives, evaluating, monitoring and taking actions when necessary,
Evaluating the environmental impacts in our activities, protecting the environment, to prevent pollution, reducing the use of our wastes and natural resources by performing healthy, safe and environmentally sensitive studies, increasing the recycling rate,
Protecting the environment by minimizing the carbon footprint in Energy Management, continuously improving energy performance, allocating resources to projects that increase energy efficiency, minimizing resource loss by applying energy efficiency and saving importance, observing energy efficiency in purchased products and services, new investments and designs, production and all processes,
Analyzing and minimizing the health and safety risks that may arise in the working environment, organizing training activities for the creation and development of occupational health and safety awareness, being structured in a way that can intervene in emergencies, And implementing the requirements of TS EN ISO 9001,TS EN ISO 14001, OHSAS TS 18001, TS EN ISO 50001 and TS ISO 10002 standards with the participation of all our employees, reviewing them regularly, continuously improving them and to inform our stakeholders by increasing the awareness of our employees.
General Manager